Providence St. Vincent



Portland, Ore.

◊  523-bed facility
◊  Eight-time “Top 100” hospital (Solucient)
◊  More than 25,000 surgeries per year
◊  57 pre-op beds, 27 operating rooms

What could your staff do with an extra 1,125 hours? That’s how much time Providence St. Vincent Medical saved just by making fewer inter-office phone calls after the hospital deployed an RTLS system to automate OR patient throughput. The increased efficiency resulted in dozens of additional cases each month.

Additional results…

  • Solution enabled PSV to add an average of 49 more cases per month (worth approx. $35.2 million annually)
  • Decreased OR turnaround time pre/post implementation (2002 v. 2008) by 23 percent
  • Reduction in inter-department phone calls by 82 percent; saved 4.5 hours per day (or more than 1,125 hours per year)
  • Improvement in timely administration of antibiotics by 53 percent
  • Staff satisfaction increased from 2.65 out of 5 to 4.26 out of 5.
  • Reduced time to source moveable medical equipment
  • 100-percent anticipation of staffing needs for post-op by patient acuity
  • Immediate notification of family post-surgery
  • One charge nurse can manage 53 pre-op beds
  • Created a noticeably quieter OR, promoting an environment of healing