In Depth… Asset Management

How Does It Work?

VIZZIA offers a variety of technology options, each of which provides unique benefits for different facilities’ asset-management needs. Each system employs a different tracking mechanism, but all RTLS infrastructures function similarly. (Passive RFID systems, however, operate differently.)

  • Network devices are installed on ceilings throughout the hospital. Each device is assigned a location code.
  • Each piece of equipment that requires tracking is outfitted with a small tag that contains a unique identification code.
  • (A) Asset tags trade information with location devices (utilizing triangulation, infrared, ultrasound, etc.) to learn each tag’s unique location.
  • (B) Each tag’s unique location and identification number transmits to network devices.
  • (C) Information is transmitted over the network to a server (D) and then over the Internet (E) to VIZZIA’s advanced mapping and analytics software, where equipment distribution team members, biomed technicians, nurses and other relevant staffers can view the real-time location of each asset as it travels through the hospital.
  • Users can also search for specific devices and run detailed location and event reports.