AZ Model for Asset Management

The marketplace is overrun with manufacturers whose tracking systems can determine the location of medical equipment and people as they move through a hospital. But surprisingly few companies or healthcare organizations have the process technology expertise needed to utilize the location information generated by these systems.

VIZZIA‘s proprietary AZ ModelSM is the foundation for process analysis. It is designed to improve the distribution of movable medical equipment (MME) in hospitals.


AZ Model


The AZ ModelSM for asset management follows the basic principles of inventory management used in assembly plants everywhere. “Buffer stocks” of equipment are strategically placed in key areas of the hospital to supply the demand of specific clinical teams. These stocks are sized based on the measurement and forecasting of flows (consumption) for different times of the day, days of the week, and months of the year. Stock replenishment is performed on a scheduled basis and the frequency of replenishment deliveries is determined for each buffer stock based on a number of operational parameters.



VIZZIA‘s web-based VIZZIONSM software application calculates and tracks stocks and flows for each equipment type and generates Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports that are used for operational decisions and process improvement.

An example of a simple but very useful KPI is what we define as the “stock coverage ratio,” B/(v+p). It indicates how long the current level of ready-to-use equipment can supply the demand at current consumption rates for each type of equipment in a particular buffer stock location.

VIZZIA uses a multitude of similar parameters to analyze how the process is working and to determine what adjustments should be made, always with the goal to increase:

  • asset utilization
  • labor productivity
  • service levels