Business Rules Engines

Business rules exist for every organization, whether or not they are ever written down, talked about or even part of the organization’s consciousness.

In a healthcare organization, a business rule might state for example that infusion pumps must be brought to Biomedical Engineering 15 days before their preventive maintenance due date. Others could define patients in terms of their insurance coverage, or list preferred suppliers for certain materials. Business rules may come from JCAHO regulations, patient safety policies and various other sources.

A Business Rules Engine (BRE) is a software application that helps compile, manage and automate business rules. A key advantage of a business rules engine from an IT architectural standpoint is that it separates the business rules, which tend to change more frequently, from the application code. This allows the business users to modify the rules frequently without the need of IT intervention.

Hospitals are prime candidates for the use of business rules engines because of the high frequency of changes to decision-making logic due to changing government regulations and insurance procedures.

VIZZIA’s Approach

Many hospitals have been reluctant to adopt business rules engine technology because of the apparent complexity of compiling and organizing their business rules, and also because of the apparent difficulty in integrating a business rules engine into existing software platforms.

VIZZIA works closely with its hospital customers to eliminate these concerns. We use our process assessment and optimization expertise to help hospitals compile and structure the business rules that are applicable to any target process. We then develop a business rules engine-based solution using state-of-the-art software from our technology partners and integrate it seamlessly into the hospital’s existing transactional platform.

Hospital administrators can then author and manage business rules using a user-friendly interface, behind which runs a powerful engine designed for complexity and performance.