Surgical Services

A Well Oiled Machine?

◊  OR’s are the among the most profitable hospital departments
◊  OR turnaround is delayed in large part by inefficiencies in communication
◊   Staffers in some OR’s spend more than five hours per day making inter-department phone calls

Maximize profits in your facility’s OR by streamlining operations. Use one of VIZZIA‘s real-time location systems (RTLS) to achieve unprecedented efficiency.

Efficiency: From Pre-Op to PACU

VIZZIA’s RTLS solutions help hospitals streamline the surgical process, from prep to post-op. Using RTLS technology, VIZZIA gathers data on patient movement and key interactions to identify logjams and improve processes. By automating status updates, the system instantly alerts doctors and other clinicians when they’re needed in the OR. Watch as case loads increase and diversions dwindle. Here are some benefits of VIZZIA RTLS for surgical services:

  • Increase case volume
  • Decrease OR turnaround time
  • Inform families instantly when loved ones have finished surgery
  • Easily integrate VIZZIA infrastructure with surgery scheduling systems
  • Improve staff safety with automatic log of patient interactions
  • Dramatically reduce inter-department phone calls
  • Increase staff satisfaction

How Does It Work?

VIZZIA offers a variety of technology options, each of which provides unique benefits for different facilities’ needs. Each system employs a different tracking mechanism, but all RTLS infrastructures function similarly. Learn more about how RTLS streamlines surgical services.

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Optimize Your ROI

Beyond providing the hardware and software infrastructure for a hospital’s surgical-services tracking system, VIZZIA also offers advanced analytics, consulting, deployments, change management and business process outsourcing. Why? Because at VIZZIA we know that technology alone can’t solve problems. It’s our goal to empower our customers with the tools they need to make the most out of their RTLS investment. Learn more about “The VIZZIA Difference” in the Consulting Services section.