Alpharetta, GA and Newtown, PA – April 3, 2009   VIZZIA Technologies today announced that they have signed an agreement with CenTrak, Inc for VIZZIA to provide integrated workflow automation technologies and services to healthcare facilities utilizing CenTrak’s patented InTouchCare 2.0, a hybrid location-certain technology that combines next generation Infrared (Gen2IR) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to track people and equipment automatically and accurately.

Commenting on the agreement, Andrew L. Halasz, President and CEO of VIZZIA Technologies, said,”CenTrak’s InTouchCare 2.0 system has shown itself to be an ideal solution for providing accurate, certainty-based, reliable tracking data in a variety of hospital environments. The system not only provides the accurate movement and interaction data we need to measure and improve hospital workflow, its low deployment cost helps improve the return on investment (ROI) of our solutions.”

VIZZIA deploys various types of tracking technologies, software and staffing to help hospitals improve how they distribute movable medical equipment and optimize patient/staff workflow. They deploy a low-cost passive RFID technology for tracking moveable medical equipment and real-time location systems (RTLS) like CenTrak’s patented InTouchCare 2.0 to provide movement data for patients, doctors, staff and their interactions. Using sophisticated analytics, VIZZIA converts data from any of these systems into process changes that improve quality of care, patient safety, regulatory compliance and cost savings. VIZZIA helps hospitals select the best-of-breed technology for their unique environment and operational goals and also offers specialized asset management services including process modeling, change management consulting, and outsourced process management staffing.

Ari Naim, CEO of CenTrak, commented, “We are happy to add VIZZIA to our valued list of partners. VIZZIA has distinguished itself by delivering hands-on, measurable performance improvement to hospitals using its unique AZ model and data analytics. Technology alone can only deliver limited value. VIZZIA uses technology along with disciplined process measurement methodology to get the most out of a hospital’s technology investment.”

CenTrak developed InTouchCare 2.0 technology to provide location-certainty by overcoming the inaccuracies of many RF-only technologies that are hindered by RF’s penetration of walls, ceilings and floors, making only location estimations possible. CenTrak patient and equipment tags use Gen2IR infrared light signals, which cannot penetrate walls, to accurately locate people and movable medical equipment to a specific room or bay. The active-RFID component is used to communicate the location information back to the network for maximum tag capacity and fast response time. RF triangulation can be used as a secondary source of location in areas where there is no Gen2IR. In this way, CenTrak provides room- and sub room-level accuracy with certainty, not based on an estimate. Installation of a CenTrak InTouchCare network is simplified by using battery-powered components which eliminate wiring and offer plug-and-play installation functionality. With RF and Gen2IR operating simultaneously, the sensors can operate continuously for up to five years on a single set of batteries.

About CenTrak

CenTrak is a leading provider of precise, adaptable, and cost-effective tracking solutions for healthcare, commercial, and industrial facilities. The company develops and markets hybrid Active-RFID/Gen2IR network products used for tracking people and assets in real time, enabling greater workflow efficiency, asset utilization, and higher overall security. The patented InTouchCare Real Time Location System (RTLS) offers breakthrough performance and cost advantages that had been previously unattainable. It is the first predominantly battery-powered RTLS network in the world, and it is currently operating in several world-class healthcare sites in the United States. For more information about CenTrak, visit its Web site, at


VIZZIA is a leading provider of process and technology solutions for insurance companies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations. It also offers a wide range of consulting services and managed services focused on operational efficiency. Technologies integrated by VIZZIA include Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Engines (BRE).

VIZZIA Technologies’ Headquarters are in Alpharetta, GA. For more information about VIZZIA, visit