Entire Mission Hospital enterprise installed in under seven weeks

June 12, 2010 (Newtown, PA and Alpharetta, GA)CenTrak and VIZZIA Technologies (VIZZIA) today announced the completed installation and go-live of CenTrak’s Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) at Mission Hospital.  The entire Mission Viejo hospital campus was installed and brought live in less than seven weeks.  CenTrak’s infrastructure was deployed as an integral part of VIZZIA’s managed, on-site Equipment Distribution services and integrated with VIZZIONSM information portal to more effectively manage movable medical equipment assets.

Mission Hospital is a 552-bed facility in Mission Viejo, California that includes specialized pediatric care through Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC), and is the first and only designated regional trauma center in South Orange County. The integrated medical campus is part of the St. Joseph Health System and has over 700 affiliated physicians.

VIZZIA’s deployment of CenTrak’s technology included the tagging of approximately 1650 equipment items with a goal to reduce rentals, future capital purchases and eliminate the need for nurse staff to take valuable time away from patient-care to search for and clean equipment.  Movable medical equipment such as Sequential Compression Devices (SCD’s), Infusion Pumps and Epidural units are among the first assets to be part of their equipment distribution service.   It is anticipated that the deployment will be expanded in the future to include additional types of equipment as well as patient tracking.

“Our requirement for an asset management project has always been certainty-based room level accuracy. Deploying a lesser system would have limited our ability to utilize workflow and automated decision making features of the VIZZION system that are critical to the asset management ROI.” states Mike Kohler, Director of Facilities at Mission Hospital “We knew the CenTrak infrastructure would be easy to install.  In fact, the entire system was up and running within seven weeks.  The VIZZIA installation team did an excellent job of managing the project to make certain we went live on our target date.”

“We are excited to have been chosen by both VIZZIA and Mission Hospital for this project.  Their vision for true asset management and automated decision making, beyond dots on a map, has created a platform that can be leveraged for additional locating initiatives.” says Wil Lukens, Vice President of Business Development at CenTrak.  “The deployment highlighted some of CenTrak’s significant advantages including certainty-based room level location accuracy and ease of installation.”

VIZZION’s web-based software visualizes workflow by automatically identifying the location of the equipment generated from the CenTrak system and incorporates important alerts that ensure that the desired procedures are being followed and equipment inventory levels are maintained.  The same system automatically monitors temperatures of sensitive items such as medications and blood bags and will provide in real-time the visibility of temperature status with dynamic watch-lists and configurable real-time notifications of temperature events.

CenTrak’s core RTLS differs from legacy technologies in its use of a patented combination of second-generation infrared (Gen2IR™) and active RFID technology called DualTrak.  Battery powered Monitors transmit a unique room number using Gen2IR which is received by any tag in that room.  The tag communicates the room number and its own unique ID via RF to the CenTrak Location Server using a hospital’s existing wired or Wi-Fi network, where it can be accessed in real-time by hospital personnel and integrated with third party solution providers.

Like light, Gen2IR will not pass through walls and does not suffer from traditional infrared line-of-sight limitations. Therefore, when a tag reads a room number, there are no errors. This is certainty-based RTLS. Unlike estimation-based information, certainty-based location data can be used by hospitals to make important improvements to process flow and automate decision making. Most healthcare workflow improvements can only be realized when the location data is certainty-based.


About St. Joseph Health System

Mission Hospital is a member of the St. Joseph Health System. St. Joseph Health System is an integrated healthcare delivery system providing a broad range of medical services. The system is organized into three regions–Northern California, Southern California, and West Texas/Eastern New Mexico – and consists of 14 acute care hospitals, as well as home health agencies, hospice care, outpatient services, skilled nursing facilities, community clinics, and physician organizations.  To learn more, click here to visit the St. Joseph Health System Web site.



VIZZIA is a leading provider of process and technology solutions for insurance companies, financial institutions and healthcare organizations. It also offers a wide range of consulting services and managed services focused on operational efficiency.  Technologies integrated by VIZZIA include Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM) and Business Rules Engines (BRE).

VIZZIA Technologies’ Headquarters are in Albuquerque, NM. For more information about VIZZIA, visit www.vizziatech.com.


About CenTrak

CenTrak is a leading provider of accurate, multi-functional, and cost-effective tracking infrastructure for healthcare facilities. The CenTrak Real Time Location System (RTLS) infrastructure uniquely combines Gen2IR™ and active RFID technologies to deliver certainty-based or error free data, a requirement for workflow and other important applications. As the only predominantly battery-powered RTLS technology, CenTrak offers a simple and non-invasive installation unattainable with legacy solutions. CenTrak RTLS is currently operating in millions of square feet at dozens of world-class healthcare sites in the United States, Canada, Europe and India. For more information about CenTrak, please visit www.centrak.com.