Wait times cut in half at one of America’s busiest E.D.s

Case study: Christiana Hospital, Newark, Delaware

With more than 100,000 patients each year, the emergency department at Christiana Hospital is one of the busiest in the country. As patient volume increased, it was becoming harder for E.D. personnel to keep track of each patient’s location. Information was incorrect about 20 percent of the time, meaning staff didn’t know the exact location of 50 to 60 of the E.D.’s 250 to 300 daily patients.

Without an efficient, reliable way to keep track of patient location, the hospital was facing long wait times and a high percentage of patients leaving without treatment. Staff time was wasted, too, as staff made numerous phone calls and canvassed rooms to locate patients.

Vizzia’s Solution

In partnership with Vizzia Technologies, the hospital implemented an automated real-time location system (RTLS) solution to track patient location and interactions between patients and staff. With the new system, about 500 reusable identification tags shared location information with a network of tracking devices installed throughout the E.D. Vizzia’s software transformed this data into a graphic display of the department, providing a real-time look at where patients and staff were at any given moment.

The software also recorded, measured and tracked a number of key performance metrics critical to improving workflow, including wait times and total time spent in the department. This data helped hospital staff and administrators refine or redesign processes. The hospital used the data when redesigning the E.D., creating a physical layout that emphasized efficient and effective patient care.

How It Works: E.D. Workflow

  • Vizzia installs network devices on ceilings throughout the hospital. Vizzia designs and deploys the system, installs software and trains staff.
  • Every staffer who comes into contact with patients and each patient who checks into the E.D. is assigned a small I.D. tag. The I.D. tag contains a unique identification code.
  • At the beginning and end of a patient-staff interaction, the staffer pushes a button on both I.D. tags. This transmits information to Vizzia’s advanced mapping and analytics software.
  • E.D. managers, nurses and other staffers can view patient, workflow and interaction data on Vizzia’s software. They can also search for specific events and run detailed reports.
  • Vizzia or hospital staff analyzes the data, identifies logjams and collaborates with clients to determine the best possible solution for each problem.

Within a year of implementing Vizzia’s RTLS solution, Christiana had recaptured hundreds of thousands of dollars of revenue and reduced the length of time patients were in the E.D.

  • Revenue: Increased more than $400,000 annually
  • Wait times: Decreased 46 percent
  • Admitted patient length-of-stay: Reduced 36 minutes
  • Patient walkouts: Down 24 percent
  • Left without treatment: Decreased 46 percent
  • Increased staff safety with automatic log of all patient interactions

“We felt that knowing when rooms were open would help us organize services. We can look instantly at the state of our E.D. and know how many more people we can accept.” – Vice President of Emergency, Trauma and Aeromedical services, Christiana Hospital

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Vizzia Technologies uses real-time location systems (RTLS) to solve problems and streamline processes for healthcare providers. Our custom solutions add visibility and actionable data where it’s needed most, resulting in lower costs, more staff time for patient care and better outcomes for patients.

About Christiana Hospital

One of the busiest emergency departments in the country, Christiana Hospital is also the only Level I trauma center on the East Coast between Baltimore and Philadelphia. It’s part of Christiana Care Health System, which includes two hospitals and an extensive network of outpatient services, home health care and medical aid units. Christiana is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a Best Hospital.

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