Choosing a real-time location system (RTLS) requires an intimate knowledge of the array of products available. At VIZZIA, not only are we are fluent in the intricacies of the RTLS marketplace, but we are also “technology agnostic.” That is, we partner with different manufacturers and utilize a variety of technology products. That way we can provide our customers with the solution that best meets their needs.

All RTLS systems rely on some form of wireless electromagnetic radiation to transmit location and asset-identification information to network devices. The two most common forms of electromagnetic radiation are radio frequency identification (RFID) and Wi-Fi.


When deployed alone, an active RFID infrastructure can deliver location accuracy within several feet. RF transmitters are installed at various locations throughout the hospital and communicate with RFID tags attached to assets, staff badges and/or patient identifiers.


Like RFID, WiFi technologies deliver accuracy within several feet. WiFi systems, however, transmit data over a facility’s existing WiFi infrastructure. Access points communicate with tags attached to assets, staff badges and/or patient identifiers.

Both RFID and Wi-Fi rays penetrate walls. Therefore, an icon on a map may show up in room 455, for example, but with a several-foot margin of error, that tagged item could actually be next door in room 456. In order to enhance the value of our RTLS solutions offerings, VIZZIA also deploys “hybrid” systems that combine infrared or ultrasound technology with RFID or Wi-Fi.


Infrared light is bound by walls, allowing for “positive room identification.” Achieve room-level — and even bed-level — visibility by deploying a system with Infrared capabilities. Must be combined with an RFID or WiFi infrastructure in order to transmit information to the server.


Like infrared light, ultrasound waves are bound by walls. Several manufacturers offer ultrasound tracking systems — either in combination with RFID or as an add-on to a facility’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure.

These combination systems add substantial value to RTLS. VIZZIA partners with several companies that offer various combinations of RFID, Wi-Fi, Infrared and Ultrasound. Learn more about the benefits of these powerful solutions:


Is your healthcare organization interested in tracking hand-hygiene compliance or patient/clinician interactions? A combined solution might be right for you.