Healthcare Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Protect products and patients with easy, accurate environmental monitoring

For sensitive products like vaccines and lab samples, environment matters. An unnoticed change can result in money lost and patients put at risk.

Healthcare providers have traditionally dedicated hours of staff time to manually logging temperatures and other critical conditions. But a lot can go wrong in the 12 hours between checks. Blood spoils in only 30 minutes, and many medications lose effectiveness in less than four hours in the wrong temperature.

There’s a better way. Vizzia’s industry-leading environmental monitoring solutions eliminate manual tracking, alert staff when conditions stray and can automate reporting and compliance. In addition to real-time location systems (RTLS) and advanced software, Vizzia provides fully managed services, including calls to your team when an alert does not receive a timely response. With Vizzia, RTLS is worry-free for your busy team.

Healthcare Environmental Monitoring

Results you can count on

Prevent product loss. Real-time alerts let you know if a refrigerator, freezer or room strays from desired conditions. Respond immediately so you can protect your important (and expensive) products.

Protect patients. With manual logging, things can go wrong while your staff isn’t on site. Protect your patients with 24/7 monitoring to ensure your products are always safely stored.

Automate regulatory compliance. Vizzia’s software can generate reports for key regulators. From The Joint Commission to Vaccines for Children, we’ve got you covered.

Cover all environments. Our solutions work enterprise-wide, from pharmacies to blood banks, labs to kitchens, even in transit. We cover an extensive list of devices, too.

Let us do the heavy lifting. Vizzia’s Alert Resolution Team makes sure alerts get the attention they need. Our team will follow up when an alert doesn’t get a response, ensuring your patients and products are always protected.

How we partner with you

With Vizzia, you’ll get industry-leading software and fully managed services, whether you’re a new customer or you’re adding environmental monitoring to your suite of Vizzia solutions. Here’s how we partner with you. 

Step 1: Understand your needs
We start by learning about you. We meet with key staff and tour your facilities to understand the services you provide, the challenges you face, your facility’s physical layout and where environmental monitoring may be needed. 

Step 2: Recommend hardware
Unlike many RTLS providers, Vizzia’s software works with any RTLS hardware, and we know the hardware options inside and out. We’ll recommend the best hardware for your specific needs.

Step 3: Install hardware and software
The Vizzia team will install RTLS devices throughout your hospital and on equipment, ensuring optimal placement. We’ll help you install and set up our software, too, and seamlessly integrate it with your other healthcare systems, such as EHR and CMMS.

Step 4: Train staff and support launch
We’ll teach key staff how to use Vizzia’s software, including how to set up alerts and create custom reports. And we’ll support you as you launch your new system, assuring a smooth transition.

Step 5: Provide ongoing support
After everything’s up and running, we’re still here for you. Your Vizzia Customer Success Manager will answer your questions and help you get the most value from your Vizzia solutions. And our Alert Resolution Team will proactively reach out to make sure alerts get the response they need. By fully managing the services we provide, we make RTLS easy for you.

Hospital Environmental Monitoring System

Key Features

Conditions monitored: Temperature, humidity, CO2, air pressure

Temperature range: -200°C to 260°C

Humidity range: 0% to 100% RH

Regulatory compliance: Sensors delivered with U.S. NIST certification

Sensors: Vizzia represents best-in-class clinical manufacturers

CenTrak, leading digital sensing probes and NIST certification technology

Lascar Electronics, ISO-9001 and the world’s first direct USB data logger

SensoScientific, selected by the U.S. FDA to monitor its own laboratories

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