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Provide timely treatment for stroke patients while the clock is ticking

When a stroke happens, it’s important to treat patients without delay and reduce door-to-needle time. Stroke patients may start in the ED and quickly be transferred to another department. Once a stroke is confirmed, patients need to receive medication such as TPA as quickly as possible to prevent further damage.

Vizzia partnered with renowned neuroscience doctors, nurses and clinicians and a nationally acclaimed comprehensive stroke center to confront these challenges. The result is StrokeStat℠, an innovative solution that optimizes the treatment workflow for acute stroke patients. StrokeStat uses real-time location systems (RTLS) to show where acute stroke patients are and what they need next. It transforms data into critical information and automated communications for caregivers.

Along with StrokeStat, Vizzia provides fully managed services and ongoing support, making sure you get the most value from your investment and making RTLS worry-free for your busy team.

Results you can count on

Reduce door-to-needle time. StrokeStat keeps stroke patients moving. With real-time information about where patients are and how long each step is taking, you can reduce the time between when patients arrive and when they receive critical medication.

Get real-time, actionable data. With StrokeStat, you get a complete, interdepartmental picture of each stroke patient’s progress. This real-time information empowers you to provide efficient, effective care.

Automate communication. StrokeStat alerts caregivers when a stroke patient is in need of attention. This automatic, immediate messaging feature saves time when time is limited.

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks. StrokeStat allows you to analyze patient flow data over time. By zooming out—and with data analytics support from the Vizzia team—you can identify bottlenecks at their source and rethink your workflow to address them.

Let us do the heavy lifting. With Vizzia’s fully managed services, you can do more for your patients, staff and bottom line. We’ll get you up and running and support you during and after launch.

How we partner with you

With Vizzia, you’ll get industry-leading software and fully managed services, whether you’re a new customer or you’re adding StrokeStat to your suite of Vizzia solutions. Here’s how we partner with you.

Step 1: Understand your needs

We start by learning about you. We meet with key staff and tour your facilities to understand the services you provide, the challenges you face, your hospital’s physical layout and your existing workflow processes.

Step 2: Recommend hardware

Unlike many RTLS providers, Vizzia’s software works with any RTLS sensors and tags, and we know the options inside and out. We’ll recommend the best hardware for your hospital.

Step 3: Install hardware and software

The Vizzia team will install RTLS devices in the departments where stroke patients are treated, ensuring optimal placement. We’ll help you install and set up our software, too, and seamlessly integrate it with your other healthcare systems.

Step 4: Train staff and support launch

We’ll teach key staff how to use Vizzia’s software, including how to set up alerts and create custom reports. We’ll also teach your team about the hardware, including how to use patient and staff tags. And we’ll support you as you launch your new system, assuring a smooth transition.

Step 5: Provide ongoing support

After everything’s up and running, we’re still here for you. Your Vizzia Customer Success Manager will answer your questions and help you get the most value from StrokeStat and other Vizzia solutions. By fully managing the services we provide, we make RTLS easy for you.

 How StrokeStat works 

  • StrokeStat alerts caregivers to an incoming stroke emergency.
  • Upon arrival, the patient receives a tag with a real-time location sensor.
  • Caregivers track patients as they receive treatment.
  • StrokeStat provides detailed reporting to improve processes and treat patients quickly.

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