Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring Technology

Hand Hygiene Compliance Technology

Prevent infection and save lives with hand hygiene solutions that work. Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) affect 750,000 people in the US every year, causing tens of thousands of preventable deaths and costing healthcare providers billions of dollars.

Experts have identified hand hygiene as the #1 way to reduce HAIs and protect patients and staff. But with hand hygiene compliance rates well under 50 percent—and no easy way to accurately know who is and isn’t washing their hands—healthcare providers need a better way to change caregiver behavior.

According to a University of Louisville Health study in the American Journal of Infection Control, the use of a sensor-based electronic hand hygiene system more than doubled hand hygiene compliance in an acute care environment.

Vizzia’s hand hygiene compliance technology solutions do just that. Vizzia offers two proven options to boost hand hygiene rates:


  1. Mobile monitoring app: Install our app and record observations about who is and isn’t washing their hands. With easy set-up and no hardware to install, you can get started today.
  2. Fully managed RTLS solution: Sensors on soap dispensers and other equipment interact with caregivers’ badges, providing real-time alerts and eliminating manual monitoring.
Hand Hygiene Monitoring System

Results you can count on

Reduce infections. Vizzia’s solutions capture and record critical data about compliance, allowing you to identify individuals and teams with room for improvement.

Reduce costs and save lives. By improving hand hygiene compliance technology, you can significantly reduce HAIs—and the preventable deaths and unnecessary costs they cause.

Put your data to work. With Vizzia, you can generate reports automatically to keep key staff and regulators informed. And you can track your team’s progress over time.

Keep your handwashing equipment. Our solutions work with your existing equipment, so there’s no need to replace dispensers, sinks or pumps.

Let us do the heavy lifting. With Vizzia’s fully managed services, you can do more for your patients, staff and bottom line. We’ll help you select the solution that’s right for you, get you up and running and support you after launch.

Two options to boost compliance

With Vizzia, you can start simple and grow. We offer two powerful options to track hand hygiene at your facility and boost handwashing rates. No matter which solution you choose, you’ll get industry-leading software and access to Vizzia’s fully managed services. We’ll help you get your system up and running, and your Vizzia Customer Service Manager will be there for you after launch.

Option 1: Mobile monitoring app

Our mobile app allows you to quickly and easily record data about who is and isn’t washing their hands. Install the app on the phones of staff who monitor hand hygiene behavior. Staff then simply record what they see by selecting from a few key options. Data is automatically transferred to a central database, allowing you to identify areas for improvement and track change over time. With easy set-up and no hardware to install, you can get started today.

Option 2: Fully managed RTLS solution

With Vizzia’s full RTLS solution, sensors are installed on handwashing equipment and throughout the facility. The sensors communicate with caregiver badges and provide real-time alerts when a caregiver forgets to wash their hands. This solution eliminates the need for manual monitoring and provides more accurate data about who is and isn’t compliant.

Beyond hand hygiene compliance technology

Want to get the most from your hand hygiene compliance technology system? Vizzia offers a suite of solutions to streamline workflows, improve safety and save money at your hospital or healthcare facility. And we provide fully managed services, making sure you get the most value from your investment and making RTLS worry-free for your team. Reach out today to learn more about how Vizzia can make a difference for you.

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