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Save money and improve patient safety with 24/7 asset visibility


Valuable assets go missing. Caregivers spend too much time searching for the equipment they need to do their jobs (or hoarding equipment to make sure they know where it is). And when it’s time to make purchasing decisions, your hospital ends up buying or renting more equipment than you actually need.

If this sounds familiar, Vizzia can help.

Vizzia’s award-winning solutions help customers track and manage assets throughout hospitals and entire health systems. In addition to real-time location systems (RTLS) and advanced software, Vizzia provides fully managed services, making sure you get the most value from your investment. With Vizzia, you can look forward to reduced equipment costs, reliable equipment availability, fewer hospital-acquired infections and more time for patient care.

Results you can count on

Find equipment quickly. See where equipment is right now so you can find it when you need it. With reliable, real-time visibility, there’s no need for equipment hoarding.

Eliminate lost and stolen equipment. Real-time alerts let you know when a high-value asset leaves a designated area or exits the hospital, so you can keep things where you want them.

Prevent hospital-acquired infections. Vizzia’s software lets you know when assets are due for maintenance. Keep patients safe by making sure your equipment is cleaned after every use.

Right-size your fleet. With easy-to-find assets and in-depth data about utilization rates, you’ll rent and buy only the equipment you truly need.

Happier staff, happier patients. Less time looking for equipment means more time for patient care—and more satisfied patients and staff.

We’ve got you covered. Vizzia offers fully managed services, from helping select hardware to supporting you after launch. With Vizzia, you can do more for your patients, staff and bottom line.

How we partner with you

With Vizzia, you’ll get industry-leading software and fully managed services, whether you’re a new Vizzia customer or you’re adding asset management to your suite of Vizzia solutions. Here’s how we partner with you.

Step 1: Understand your needs

We start by learning about you. We meet with key staff and tour your facilities to understand the services you provide, the challenges you face, your hospital’s physical layout and your equipment fleet.

Step 2: Recommend hardware

Unlike many RTLS providers, Vizzia’s software works with any RTLS hardware, and we know the hardware options inside and out. We’ll recommend the best hardware for your hospital or health system.

Step 3: Install hardware and software

The Vizzia team will install RTLS devices throughout your hospital and on equipment, ensuring optimal placement and 24/7 equipment visibility. We’ll help you install and set up our software, too, and seamlessly integrate it with your other healthcare systems, such as EHR and CMMS.

Step 4: Train staff and support launch

We’ll teach key staff how to use Vizzia’s software, including how to find equipment, set up alerts and create custom reports. And we’ll support you as you launch your new system, assuring a smooth transition.

Step 5: Provide ongoing support

After everything’s up and running, we’re still here for you. Your Vizzia Customer Success Manager will answer your questions and help you get the most value from your asset management system and other Vizzia solutions. By fully managing the services we provide, we make asset management easy for you.

Optimize Your ROI

Beyond providing the hardware and software infrastructure through which a hospital’s asset-tracking system operates, VIZZIA also offers advanced analytics, consulting, deployments, change management and business process outsourcing. Why? Because at VIZZIA we know that technology alone can’t solve problems. It’s our goal to empower our customers with the tools they need to make the most out of their RTLS investment. Learn more about “The VIZZIA Difference” in the Consulting Services section.

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