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Clinical Contact Tracing: Prevent the Spread of Infections

Contact Tracing is a contact history log, based on location, to accurately track interactions with other people and facility equipment. It also allows for faster investigation and reporting of the potential risk when an infected individual enters a medical center, adding an extra layer of defense against the spread of disease.

Vizzia provides accurate records of location data for staff, patients, visitors, and assets as well as information regarding interactions among them. Location data includes who made contact and the length of time spent in the respected area. This is important for facilities while controlling the spread of Infectious Diseases & Viruses because it will quickly identify only those affected, saving time and resources.

Hospital Contact Tracing Solutions

Vizzia Contact Tracing RTLS Solution

Vizza’s Accurate Contact Tracing RTLS Technologies

Vizzia Contact Tracing RTLS Software Dashboard

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Vizzia’s automated solutions allows you to quickly identify and locate patients, staff, and equipment that may be at risk.

To prevent the spread of infection it’s important to quickly locate staff, patients, and equipment that have been in contact with a diagnosed individual.

According to a Mayo Clinic study in the American Journal of Infection Control, the use of RTLS doubled the effectiveness of contact tracing for infectious disease beyond the conventional method of EMR-based contact identification.

Empowering caregivers with real-time information about location and exposure is key to identify risk and guide necessary actions.

Vizzia’s Contact Tracing provides actionable information for a focused approach to mitigating risk and helping to avoid unnecessarily broad measures like shutting down an entire facility.

Vizzia’s software and reporting works with all RTLS hardware for quick implementation that requires minimal IT coordination. This solution is scalable and affordable for facilities of all sizes.

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A Comprehensive, Real-Time Contact Tracing Report

Vizzia’s Contact Tracing Report Features Include:

• Names and locations of staff / patients and assets who were in proximity with the infected person

• Contact exposure duration with start and end times

• User defined Risk Levels based on contact duration

• Pinpoint “at risk” areas / rooms for quarantining – avoid unnecessary facility shutdown

• Differentiation of staff /patient and asset contact

• Contact phone number displayed for quick notification

• User-based report access

• Access to powerful BI Tool (Tableau Visualization)

• Alerts sent via text and email

• Secondary and Tertiary tracking capability to find all people and assets that might be indirectly impacted

Hospital Contact Tracing Report

Snapshot of Vizzia’s Contact Tracing Report

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