InVIEW℠ Software - Actionable Real-Time Data & Analytics in Healthcare

A Powerful Platform with Proven Results

Vizzia InVIEW℠ RTLS Software provides reliable, secure and high-performance data that helps  hospitals reduce costs, streamline processes and improve patient care.

With intuitive design, powerful built-in maps, and lightning-fast performance, InVIEW℠ is the engine that powers our RTLS solutions — from real-time asset management to evironmental monitoring critical to keeping hopsital systems focused on their main objective – patient care.  

The reliable and easy to use InVIEW℠ platform is built from more than 15 years of in-field experience to deliver a out-of-the-box system that delivers immediate results for each member of the RTLS team: from biomedical engineers and clinical nurse specialists to the C-suite.  

Importantly, the platform grows as you do. Whether you need to add a thousand new assets, expand your use cases to include patient and staff tags, or need additional reports automatically delivered — it has you covered.


RTLS Data for Hospitals

Vizzia InVIEW℠ is a powerful RTLS software engine that provides a 360 degree look at your hospital system’s most important staff and assets.

Real-Time Data for Analytical Decision-Making

Real Time Data in Healthcare

Vizzia InVIEW℠ enables you to create highly customizable dashboards to help meet your hospital system’s needs.

Vizzia InVIEW℠ Gathers RTLS Data Instantly to Provide Hospital Managers with a Complete View

Effective change is guided by data. For data to be useful, it needs to be methodically visualized and actionable.  

Vizzia InVIEW℠ creates powerful, user-friendly dashboards that empower team members and executives to create roadmaps for daily workflows and long-term success.

Iterative Dashboards to Meet Hospitals’ Growing Demands

Vizzia InVIEW℠ dashboards are a result of comprehensive collaborations between full-service teams and biomedical engineers, equipment specialists, and clinical staff across the country.

Customers can easily configure InVIEW℠ to support all your different  user groups. Creating custom views, saved searches and custom tables all without creating a support ticket.

Historical Dashboard
The InVIEW℠ Historical Dashboard  focuses on capturing a historical log of  daily activities, tracking events and  equipment to ensure you have a record  in case you need to locate needed  supplies or optimize personnel shifts.

 Operational Dashboard
The InVIEW℠ Operational Dashboard  focuses on daily activities that are need  to maintain, find, service, and distribute 
equipment to keep things running smoothly.

Productivity Dashboard
The InVIEW℠ Productivity Dashboard focuses on staff and patients to understand staff distribution, key activities, and time breakdowns by activity type.

InVIEW℠ Powers Vizzia’s RTLS Solutions

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