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Vizzia RTLS Solutions Case Studies

Piedmont Healthcare saves $2 million with system-wide asset tracking and management

Case study: Piedmont Healthcare, Greater Atlanta and North Georgia

With Vizzia’s RTLS deployed in multiple hospitals, Piedmont Healthcare is innovating in equipment management, including an in-house equipment
rental service and $2 million saved throughout the
health system.


Piedmont Healthcare is the largest healthcare provider in Georgia, serving more than 3 million patients across 1,400 locations. This includes 19 hospitals, 57 Piedmont Urgent Care centers, 25 QuickCare locations, and 1,875 Piedmont Clinic locations.

The Grady Health System in Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest safety net health systems in the U.S., consisting of the 953-bed Grady Memorial Hospital, six neighborhood health centers, and the Marcus Stroke and Neuroscience Center.

Premier Level 1 trauma & stroke center leverages Vizzia RTLS solutions

Case Study: Grady Health System, Atlanta, Georgia

Topic: RTLS Asset Management, Environmental Monitoring, Stroke Patient Workflow

Hospital clinicians closely collaborated with Vizzia to enhance their asset management, environmental monitoring, and stroke patient workflow procedures, saving the hospital time and money.


Mission Hospital saves $600,000 per year with Vizzia RTLS

Case study: Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, California

In the first year of Mission’s nine-year-and-counting partnership with Vizzia, lost or stolen equipment decreased from 14% to 0%, and the hospital started saving $600,000 per year.


As the only trauma center and the only designated pediatric healthcare center in south Orange County, California, Mission Hospital provides critical services to the community.

Emory Decatur Hospital

Emory Decatur Hospital had a problem. Nurses at the Atlanta-area hospital were spending 11,000 hours each year searching for and cleaning equipment—hours that could have gone to patient care.

Emory Decatur Hospital lowers capital costs with Vizzia RTLS

Case study: Emory Decatur Hospital, Decatur, Georgia

Soon after deploying Vizzia’s real-time location systems (RTLS), Emory Decatur Hospital was renting less equipment and reducing expenses by purchasing 150 fewer pumps than planned—a savings of $600,000.


Wait times cut in half at one of America’s busiest E.D.s

Case study: Christiana Hospital, Newark, Delaware

Before partnering with Vizzia, emergency department staff did not know the location of 20 percent of patients. One year later, Vizzia’s software showed them the real-time location of 100 percent of patients, and wait times were down 46 percent.


Christiana Hospital

With more than 100,000 patients each year, the emergency department at Christiana Hospital is one of the busiest in the country. As patient volume increased, it was becoming harder for E.D. personnel to keep track of each patient’s location.

Einstein Medical Center

The emergency department at Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia treats over 95,000 patients annually. As an accredited Level 1 Regional Resource Trauma Center and Certified Stroke Center, the E.D. cares for patients experiencing the full spectrum of medical emergencies.

Revenue Up $10 Million Thanks to a More Efficient E.D.

Case study: Einstein Medical Center Philadelphia

After partnering with Vizzia, one of Philadelphia’s busiest emergency departments reduced the average length of stay from 9 hours to 3.5 hours—and increased revenue by nearly $10 million per year.


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RTLS saves Wake Forest Baptist Health $3.5M in medical equipment expenses and reduced wait times by 50%. (Article)


RTLS saves Adventist Health White Memorial $1M per year and reduced hospital staff expenses by $498,000. (Article)


RTLS saves Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas Hospital $412,000 in the first year and 80% reduction in repairs. (Article)


RTLS increases patient revenue $351,000 in a year at CHRISTUS Santa Rosa Hospital and saves workflow time. (Article)


RTLS reduces patient wait times by 75% at Oregon Medical Group and increases clinical patient care by 50%. (Article)


RTLS users report gains: 85% data visibility; 65% patient safety; 59% process efficiency; 41% financial return. (Article)


RTLS users rank providers: all Vizzia Tech customers strongly rate their reporting tools and automated alerts. (Article)

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