Emory Decatur Hospital lowers capital costs and eliminates lost and stolen equipment with Vizzia RTLS

Case study: Emory Decatur Hospital, Decatur, Georgia

Emory Decatur Hospital had a problem. Nurses at the Atlanta-area hospital were spending 11,000 hours each year searching for and cleaning equipment—hours that could have gone to patient care. Biomed technicians felt helpless as 7.2 percent of their equipment fleet disappeared each year due to loss or theft.

The hospital owned an adequate-sized moveable medical equipment (MME) fleet, but they were still spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on equipment rental each year. As they prepared to replace their fleet of infusion pumps, they wanted to optimize equipment use, reduce the amount of time staff spent searching for equipment and reduce capital expenses by purchasing only as much equipment as they truly needed.

Vizzia’s Solution

Emory Decatur called on Vizzia Technologies to perform an assessment of their operations and provide a solution that would improve outcomes and reduce costs. Vizzia started with an in-depth assessment. They interviewed key staffers, reviewed processes and created a report detailing existing conditions and recommending improvements. The interviews and process reviews were conducted within one day, minimizing disruption to daily operations. Vizzia’s report recommended process improvements and technology options, connecting each solution with an itemized return on investment (ROI) so the hospital could make an informed choice.

Emory Decatur decided to deploy Vizzia’s passive real-time location system (RTLS) to track moveable medical equipment, starting with five types of pumps. Vizzia installed tracking devices on 870 pieces of equipment and throughout the hospital, including in patient rooms and at distribution points. Vizzia also supported hospital teams in implementing an efficient, consistent process to distribute and clean equipment. By tracking equipment stock and movement, Vizzia could understand the hospital’s equipment needs and make recommendations about how much equipment to purchase and rent.

How It Works: Asset Management

  • Vizzia installs network devices on ceilings throughout the hospital. Vizzia designs and deploys the system, installs software and trains staff.
  • Each piece of equipment that requires tracking is outfitted with a small tag that contains a unique identification code.
  • Asset tags share location information with network devices. That information is transmitted to a server and then to Vizzia’s advanced mapping and analytics software.
  • Hospital staffers use Vizzia’s software to view the real-time location of each asset. They can also search for specific devices and run detailed reports.
Vizzia Supports Emory Healthcare Dekalb Medical Center

Within just a few weeks, the hospital was renting less equipment and saving money. When Emory Decatur ordered their new fleet of infusion pumps, they purchased about 150 fewer pumps than initially planned, reducing their capital expense by nearly $600,000. Nurse satisfaction scores improved dramatically as nurses were able to spend more time caring for patients and less time searching for equipment. Almost no equipment was lost or stolen, and biomed technicians could now easily locate equipment when it was due for maintenance.

  • Lost or stolen equipment: Dropped from 7.2% to 0.1%
  • Capital expenses: Down $578,000 by ordering fewer pumps
  • Equipment rentals: Spending $220,000 less per year

”The Vizzia system provides us with all the visibility necessary to improve our MME distribution process. We were deployed and saving money in weeks.” – Chief Operations Officer, Emory Decatur Hospital

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Vizzia Technologies uses real-time location systems (RTLS) to solve problems and streamline processes for healthcare providers. Our custom solutions add visibility and actionable data where it’s needed most, resulting in lower costs, more staff time for patient care and better outcomes for patients.

About Emory Decatur Hospital

Emory Decatur Hospital is a 451-bed hospital serving patients in the greater Atlanta area. A certified Primary Stroke Center and the first hospital in Georgia to receive the international “Baby-Friendly” designation, it’s part of Emory Healthcare, the Atlanta region’s most comprehensive academic health system. Emory Healthcare offers patients and families the choice of more than 2,800 doctors and 250 locations, including 11 hospitals.

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