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All over the world, hospital administrators are discovering the wide-ranging benefits of real-time location systems (RTLS) in healthcare. They’ve witnessed how RTLS can help reduce equipment-rental costs and dramatically decrease the rate of lost or stolen assets. They’ve seen how tracking patient wait times can help identify logjams in the E.D. while allowing for increased caseloads in the O.R. In general, they’ve learned that RTLS can deliver unprecedented visibility into the complicated processes that make a hospital work.

VIZZIA not only provides industry-leading RTLS technology and software; we also offer the advanced analytics and consulting services every hospital needs to realize maximum ROI from an RTLS infrastructure. Why? Because at VIZZIA, we know that technology alone can’t solve all problems.

VIZZIA’s team of process-improvement and technology experts work with hospitals to select, design and deploy an RTLS solution to help streamline any of these advanced processes:

VIZZIA is a leading provider of technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Utilizing RTLS and Passive RFID tracking systems, we help hospitals cut costs and streamline complicated processes, such as equipment distribution and patient throughput. VIZZIA technologies deliver advanced process solutions.

Asset Management

Utilizing RTLS to track a facility’s moveable medical equipment (MME) can deliver millions of dollars in savings. Decrease equipment rentals, decrease or eliminate lost/stolen equipment, delay or eliminate the need for new equipment purchases and watch as nurse satisfaction soars. Nurses no longer need to search for equipment, and biomedical technicians can quickly locate equipment in need of preventive maintenance.

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Temperature Monitoring

Temperature probes sense and report refrigerator temperatures at pre-determined intervals, making compliance a breeze and eliminating the need for tedious manual temperature logging. Perfect for labs and pharmacies.

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Hand-Hygiene Compliance

The average hospital spends $1 million each year treating patients who have contracted healthcare-acquired infections. Reduce that financial burden and make your hospital a safer place for staff and patients alike. Leverage an RTLS infrastructure to pro-actively alert staff members if they have failed to perform hand hygiene after entering or before leaving a patient room.

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E.D. Workflow Improvement

Tracking patient/clinician interaction times and patient wait times allows hospital managers to identify logjams in E.D. throughput. Hospitals that have utilized RTLS for this purpose have seen wait times cut in half, reduced incidence of left-without-care and reduced diversions.

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Surgical Services

Automating your hospital’s surgical workflow allows for increased OR caseload and practically eliminates the need for inter-department phone calls. The anesthesiologist is automatically alerted when the patient has been prepped. The surgeon is alerted when she’s needed in the OR. Even the patient’s family members are alerted in the waiting area when their loved one is in the recovery room.

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Consulting Services

Each of these processes can benefit tremendously from an RTLS infrastructure, but only with VIZZIA’s advanced analytics and process-improvement consulting can an organization realize maximum ROI potential. Once the technology has helped identify that logjam in the E.D., for example, what changes should be applied to the workflow process in order to eliminate it?

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“Vizzia provides us with all the visibility necessary to improve our equipment distribution process. We were deployed and saving money in weeks.”

Chief Operations Officer, Emory Decatur Hospital (451 bed hospital, part of Emory Healthcare)

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