Environmental Monitoring

The Cold, Hard Facts…

  • The average hospital owns more than 100 refrigerators and freezers, which are used to store blood, medications, food and tissue samples.
  • JCAHO and other government agencies regulate the temperatures of these storage units — not only in hospitals, but also in laboratories, blood banks and other facilities.
  • Tedious manual temperature monitoring distracts busy technicians from the tasks they were trained to do.
Why dedicate hours of valuable time to manual data entry and compliance reporting when VIZZIA’s automated temperature monitoring solution can make the whole process a breeze?

Compliance: Automated

VIZZIA’s environmental monitoring solutions allow hospitals to cut costs dramatically, resulting in a substantial ROI. Here are some additional benefits of VIZZIA‘s solution:


  • Instantly automate regulatory compliance process
  • Eliminate labor-intensive manual temperature logging
  • Alert key staff members when temperatures stray out of desired ranges
  • Generate reports based on a wide variety of filters and criteria using VIZZION℠.

How Does RTLS Work for Environmental Monitoring?

VIZZIA utilizes temperature-sensing tags that record the temperature of each storage unit and transmit that data to VIZZIA’s secure online database. Sensors can communicate through a facility’s existing WiFi infrastructure or through an RFID-based RTLS system. Facility staffers access this data and associated reports via VIZZION℠, VIZZIA’s advanced Web application portal.

VIZZIA offers a variety of technology options, each of which provides unique benefits for different facilities’ temperature-monitoring needs. Each system employs a different tracking mechanism, but all RTLS infrastructures function similarly. VIZZIA only recommends RTLS systems for temperature monitoring. Real-time visibility and constant communication are key.

  • Network devices are installed on ceilings throughout the hospital. Each device is assigned a location code.
  • Each refrigerator or freezer that requires monitoring is outfitted with a small tag that contains a unique identification code. Tags are outfitted with temperature readers and network communication abilities.
  • (A) Network devices communicate with all tags in close proximity and report each tag’s unique identification code along with its current temperature reading.
  • (B) Temperature information is transmitted over the network to a data server (C)and then over the Internet (D) to VIZZIA’s advanced mapping and analytics software, where lab technicians, managers, food-service employees and other relevant staffers can view the real-time temperature of each unit.
  • Users can also search for specific units and run detailed location and event reports. VIZZIA software informs users when a unit’s temperature strays out of its desired range for a specific period of time.
  • VIZZIA software automates compliance reporting as well


Optimize Your ROI

Beyond providing the hardware and software infrastructure through which a hospital’s asset-tracking system operates, VIZZIA also offers advanced analytics, consulting, deployments, change management and business process outsourcing. Why? Because at VIZZIA we know that technology alone can’t solve problems. It’s our goal to empower our customers with the tools they need to make the most out of their RTLS investment. Learn more about “The VIZZIA Difference” in the Consulting Services section.

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