Consulting Services

The VIZZIA Difference

Technology alone can’t solve a healthcare organization’s problems. That’s why at VIZZIA we don’t just provide industry-leading RTLS systems. VIZZIA is a full-service solution, offering customized software, advanced analytics, change management, process outsourcing and consulting services.

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Hand Hygiene Compliance

VIZZIA Shines at MedAssets

VIZZIA generated considerable buzz on the trade show floor at MedAssets' 10th annual Technology and Innovation Forum. Representatives from healthcare organizations nationwide awarded high marks to VIZZIA's revolutionary hand-hygiene compliance system.

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Surgical Services

FOCUS ON: Patient Throughput

Efficiency is the lifeblood of a thriving hospital. VIZZIA’s real-time location systems (RTLS) technology has streamlined operations in emergency departments and OR’s nationwide. Benefits include reduced patient length of stay, increased OR caseload and reduced incidence of left-without-treatment in the ED.

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Welcome to VIZZIA Technologies

VIZZIA is a leading provider of technology solutions for healthcare organizations. Our RTLS and Passive RFID tracking systems help hospitals cut costs and streamline complicated processes, such as...

VIZZIA is a full-service solution: We not only provide access to a wide range of technologies, but we also guide our clients through the selection and implementation of the solution that best meets their needs. Why? Because we know that technology alone can’t solve all problems.

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